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We produce a weekly news sheet and monthly Parish Magazine. The Parish Magazine is available in the Bell Tower (30p). For an annual subscription of £3 (from Jenny Toye - see Contact Us) you can secure a 'named' copy - which is available on the Sunday preceding the start of the month. 

Key news items are also shared on our website here.


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Pilgrim Course - 2017
The next module of the Pilgrim Course on the Bible will start on Wednesday 22 February at 8.00pm and Thursday 23 February at 9.45am. More details soon.
Open 'Pilgrim Course - 2017'

SMOAT Family Beetle Drive
Sunday 5th March sees the SMOAT beetle drive return.
Open 'SMOAT Family Beetle Drive'

St Mark's Afternoon Retirement Team - 2017 events
SMART run monthly events for everyone of retirement age. The 2017 schedule of events has now been confirmed.
Open 'St Mark's Afternoon Retirement Team - 2017 events'

SMOATathon 2017
SMOATathon 2017 is 5½ hours of non-stop music raising money for a project in Zambia.
Open 'SMOATathon 2017'

Faith and the Family
St Mark's is running an event entitled ‘Faith and the Family’ on Thursday 23 February at 7.30pm.
Open 'Faith and the Family'

Open Day - Saturday 21st January
The serving team invite you to an Open Day on Saturday 21 January from 11.00am until 1.00pm in the church so you can see for yourself what is involved in serving.
Open 'Open Day - Saturday 21st January'

Parochial Fees for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals
The Church of England sets statutory fees payable in respect of Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. The 2017 fees have now been released.
Open 'Parochial Fees for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals'

Christmas Services at St Mark's 2016
Details of all the Christmas Services at St Mark's.
Open 'Christmas Services at St Mark's 2016'

Have you got any unwanted audio books?
Do you have any unwanted audio books you are willing to donate to our lending library for the visually impaired?
Open 'Have you got any unwanted audio books?'

Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol
A dramatic reading of the Charles Dickens classic by Ron Searle.
Open 'Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol'

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