Kitchen Project - Work Starting in July

For those that missed the announcement last week we are delighted to have been awarded a Community Buildings Grant from Biffa Award worth almost £36,000 to cover the majority of the kitchen fittings and equipment. This means the total raised is now over £93,000 and on reaching that figure the PCC has given the project the green light to proceed as soon as possible.

We have now agreed a start date with the contractors of Monday 23 July with a view to completion in September.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributes to all the activities that take place in our hall making it a valuable asset to the community and also to everyone who has donated to this project. Every penny donated and granted helped to secure the next monies as the project came closer to its target.

On a practical note, if anyone has moved house recently and has any large boxes we could use to store the crockery, pots and pans etc during the build please get in touch. We will be clearing the kitchen gradually in the couple of weeks prior to the start date. Please bear with us as work progresses over the summer and we will keep you updated with progress. There is still a lot of work to do but we are really excited to be moving on to the next phase.